Industrial Indoor-Outdoor Bell/Warning Light

The W.L. Jenkins Company has united our rugged UL listed Supering bell with a UL listed revolving warning light to provide a unique method of sight and sound signaling in one compact easy assembled unit.

This combination operates at 120 VAC and is available in either 4-1/4" or 6" gongs and the light comes in either red, amber, blue, green, or clear.



  • 25 Watt bulb; 90 flashes per minute
  • 200 Hour lamp life
  • Convenient relamping access
  • Lexan® dome, red, amber, blue, green or clear
  • Water resistant indoor/outdoor
  • UL listed for indoor or outdoor


  • 4-1/4" and 6" gongs
  • Loud ringing - 93dB
  • Long life
  • Surface mounting
  • 117 Volts AC
  • Weather resistant andUL listed


Ideally suited for the following envirnments:

  • Material Handling conveyor systems, processing control, machinery and equipment notification
  • Manufacturing Facilities excellent visual and audible device to alert personnel wherever high ambient noise and high activities are present in mid to large areas
  • Industrial Bell/Warning Light is utilized in caution areas, hazardous surroundings and as a general purpose alarm    


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